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How Humbee Works

Why wait? Now is the time to take the right initiative with HUMBEE.

HUMBEE deta hai aapke sahyog ko ek nayi pehchan

We understand the importance of recognising the hard work and dedication of every value chain partner, including super stockists, distributors, dealers, Kiranawalas, retailers, grocery shopkeepers, agents, etc. That’s why we’re committed to being a welfare bridge between VCPs and corporate entities, ensuring that everyone receives the social security and welfare they deserve in a dignified manner.

When was the last time you felt your contributions were valued?

When was the last time a business relationship felt humane?

When was the last time someone spoke about YOUR future plans?

Humbee's Offerings

Valuing VCP Contributions Through

Life Cover
Long Term Savings
Staff Care for Value Chain Partners

Benefitting Corporates Through

All-in-one information platform
Channelising welfare intent
Detailed Distribution insights
Measurable social impact


Value Chain Partners


Partners register on the HUMBEE app to join the value chain.

Transaction Recording

Partners register on the HUMBEE app to join the value chain.

Contribution Recognition

HUMBEE acknowledges partners' contributions.


Partners receive social security covers based on their contributions.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is fostered within the HUMBEE ecosystem.

Supportive Ecosystem

HUMBEE cultivates a supportive environment for partners.

Uplift The Dignity Of Every Member Of The Manufacturing/Distribution Value Chain